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HWTA Water Energizer

HWTA Water Energisers – Commercial Edge

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The Commercial Edge is specially designed for use in swimming pools, spas, for your market garden and for commercial crop irrigation.  It is the BIG solution for commercial and outdoor use.

CLEANAUS01 - By applying this code to your purchase of an HWTA Water Energiser - Commercial Edge, you will receive a $50 off the purchase price and HWTA will donate $50 to Clean Up Australia.

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For your pool

  • Now you can swim in almost completely chemical free water as the Commercial Edge reduces  the need for expensive chlorine, salt or any other harmful chemicals.  Our device energetically neutralises toxins and creates softer, energised and structured water for the benefit and enjoyment of your entire family.

Market Garden

  • Vegetables never tasted better and flowers never bloomed brighter than after the water that hydrates them has passed through the Commercial Edge creating smaller and easily hydrating water molecules.


  • Not only do you get the benefit of creating water that your plants can absorb quickly and more readily but you can also save as much as 30% on your water usage.

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